Music Educator Certification

Music Educator Certification

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2018 Analysis of State Music Education Certification Practices in the United States

Teacher certification and licensure practices for music educators vary by state. Preservice music teachers, practicing music teachers, and music teacher educators can all benefit from knowing what the music teacher certification practices are in each state. This information can inform state music education policy, preservice music teacher preparation, teacher mobility, and reciprocity.

Special thanks to researchers Brittany Nixon May, Karen Willie, Cherilyn Worthen, and Kylie Decker, for collecting and updating this licensure information and sharing it with NAfME to benefit the profession. NAfME will continue to work with these researchers to update this information on an annual basis.

Click the table below to access our data set that contains music teacher certification requirements for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

NOTE: Certification requirements change over time. While this table is a useful reference, NAfME recommends checking with a state’s department of education to verify current requirements. 

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